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AMD's catamaran design capability has set world standards for speed, seakeeping, structural integrity and rugged engineering.

Speed (=efficiency)
The AMD designed "Luciano Federico L", with a service speed of 58 knots, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds fastest car ferry. We are proud of this performance, however we do not consider speed as an end in itself. We assist our clients to select a speed that is appropriate to the economics of their particular operation, and then achieve the required speed with efficient hull forms and strong lightweight structures, saving money on engines and fuel.

Seakeeping (=passenger comfort)
Through an extensive R&D programme in Australia and at MARIN, AMD has developed a wave piercing hull form which provides a seakeeping comfort level far superior to that of conventional catamarans and monohulls. Proven not only by AMD's tank testing and 42m prototype, but by independent comparative tank tests carried out by our clients.

Structural Integrity (=reliability)
Aluminium is an ideal material for fast ferries, however special attention to detail design is necessary to ensure a trouble free life. AMD's 20 years of aluminium design experience combined with rigorous attention to detail ensures reliability. After 3 years of operation of their first two AMD designed 42m vessels, the General Manager of San Francisco's Baylink Ferries said "We think they struck the right balance between strength and weight for optimum speed. In our experience this is a very difficult balance to strike. AMD excelled in this respect". Baylink’s 3rd AMD ferry was launched in 2004.

Rugged Engineering (=reliability)
Many ferry reliability problems can be traced back to poor equipment and machinery selection, incorrect matching of components and/or incorrect installation detail. Particular consideration should be given to the dynamic interaction of the system and the hull structure. AMD's experience in the fast ferry industry, and 15 years in the vessel repair industry before that, have taught AMD what works and what doesn't. "Jin Xing" is not our fastest or our biggest design, but she has worked day in, day out with high loadings for 15 years with only normal maintenance. She is simple, rugged and efficient, enabling her to fight off competition and make money for her owner.
And isn't that what its all about?

Efficiency + passenger comfort + reliability = profit

AMD has developed catamaran designs for use as passenger ferries, car ferries, cargo ferries, utility vessels, patrol boats, rescue boats, private yachts, mini cruise vessels and casino vessels. For a sample of these differing types, see DESIGNS.

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